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Location: Amazon

We saw kids todaythey were quite adorableI want to keep oneThere once was a school in EcuadorWhere we built a greenhouse and much moreWith toys in handplaying with the kids was grandAnd saying adios made our hearts quite soreThe above haiku and limerick are a quick summary of the amazing experiences we had today frolicking with the kids of the San Carlos school. There was one four-year-old boy, Estani, who was too shy to even speak. Yet through his smile and charming giggle when I lifted him into the air above my head, he managed to communicate something more meaningful and important than most people can with words. His delight with such a simple game was so refreshing, as we often get caught up with what we don’t have, or what is happening later, instead of “living in the now”. Estani, as well as the other nios reminded me to enjoy the simple joys in daily life. After speaking with the teachers, we discovered that he did not have a father, yet it was clear by watching him with his older sister and the other children that he did not lack a family. After spending copious amounts of time discussing what exactly community service is as a group, it was awesome to really experience and witness just how amazing the community we are helping is. Their readiness to help one another, especially between the kids is inspiring to witness and a good reminder of what it means to truly function successfully as a community.