Location: Great Camanoe

So much has happened in such little time! We have truly become a family over the past two weeks. The students have been throwing themselves into every service project with tons of enthusiasm and a great attitude. Every project we do, from leading fun activities for the local school children of Bordega Flax, to doing yard work for a local private school, and even turtle tagging, the students have exceeded our expectations showing a level of professionalism and humbleness that cannot be denied. Each student brings a unique perspective and a great addition to our BVI family! With Lexi on our boat, we will NEVER fear a dance battle! Without Grayson, Tommy or Trey (a.k.a. the Texans) we would have never been able to uproot an entire tree trunk while at Valley Day School! Trey’s gentlemanly ways remind us that chivalry is not dead. Grayson’s awesome dance moves keep the other boats living in constant fear that they will be out-danced at any moment. Tommy has been learning so much about sailing, always asking questions and eager to help wherever possible. Alec is the first person I have ever seen bear-hug an angry turtle all the while with a giant smile on his face. Jayden’s flow is looking great as always, even as he raises and lowers the anchor all on his own. Brandon is holding the current record for most turtles caught, with 2. When Will isn’t dancing or sleeping, he can be found making conversation with anyone and everyone. Anna’s leadership has shone brightly from day one, and everyone flocks to her motherly instincts. Kennedy is the social butterfly, always there at the right time with a hug, smile, or funny story. Morgan is always enthusiastic, and as the only returner from years past currently aboard, she has been so helpful explaining things to the other students. Brittany has the best music on board with her classical music going almost all the time; she is also an incredible boat driver!