Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

This morning I awoke to the heavenly scent of french toast. After enjoying three pieces of this breakfast smothered in Nutella and peanut butter, we began sailing from Marina Cay to Road Harbor on Tortola. There, we docked the boat and walked to our service project: a dog show hosted by the Humane Society of the BVI. We helped set up the dog show, exercise the dogs, run the concession stand, promote the adoption of some shelter dogs, run the donated community yard sale, collect entrance fees, direct traffic, register and walk dogs in events, and take down the event. I wanted to take home every single dog I saw, but Elliot said we couldn’t have a dog on the boat. After he said no, I seriously considered adopting a sweet black and white shelter dog and shipping him home to surprise my mama. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to fill out paperwork or the financial means to ship a live animal home. After a long day of playing with these sweet dogs, we walked back to the boat and set sail for the island of Great Camanoe where we ate a delicious dinner of chili and rice and took glorious fresh water showers.