Location: West End, Tortola

What’s up ladies and gents. It’s your boi, Chase, again. Due to resoundingly positive feedback, I’m back on that daily blog post-grind. Today was the day that we sent off half of the crew/squad/team/family. Without further adieu let us never forget the souls that lovingly put up with #team3week, Rest. In. Peace. Brynnie Boo, Laney Loo, Tyson Hammer, Lucie, Kaylee, and Chloe. Phew- now that the sappy part of the post is over let’s hop to it and get on with our day. We all skrt’ed down the dock to grab our morning coffee (I don’t even drink coffee but hey, when in Rome I guess). Following our relaxing morning was boat cleaning time, or as I like to call it, “using as much bleach as you can without suffocating” time! And oh sweet five pounds three-ounce baby Jesus, did we bleach the absolute heck out of that boat. BOOM! Bleach on the front deck, BANG! Bleach on the back deck, KAPOW! Bleach everywhere white (if you’re new here, about 90% of the boat is white, so uh, we used a lot of bleach). During this affair, we were taught how NOT to mustard gas each other. Fun Fact: mixing bleach and ammonia (pee) creates mustard gas (poison and bad). Fast forward 2 hours maybe, we mostly finished packing our things up, and I couldn’t find my very special personal item; a tiny hotel sized bottle of Tabasco. This is a very important part of the story as if any of you know me – hot sauce = water. That’s my only belief in life. For some people it’s, “Happy wife, happy life” but they just have it all wrong. Why marry when you have hot sauce? I mean seriously who doesn’t love a little extra kick to their day. Wake up and have some eggs? HOT SAUCE. Quesadillas for lunch? HOT SAUCE. Oh, what’s that??? Are you eating chicken for dinner? Wow, good thing I brought my tiny hotel sized bottle of hot sauce. Anyways! Back to the important things, team #UseAndAbuse practiced for the 2022 Olympic bobsledding team by using the hotel dolly’s (i think they’re called) and hauling a solid amount of tools from our boat to a little garden that we took over and just spewed our things around. *ZWOOP* Oh snap shore time already?! Wow, that was fast. We all ventured to Road Town, the town with one road, to find some food. We asked some locals where they recommended and ate at a completely different place because Jaden couldn’t find the right restaurant (classic Jaden). Oh boy here’s the fun part: The Grocery Store Run 2k18. All of team three weeks ransacked a grocery store and bought $150 worth of snacks; they don’t feed us #FakeNews. Our resident pirate on board came and picked us up in the most broken down dinghy she could find. “oh hey guys, I’m not sure if I can switch gears in this thing…” Plot twist: we made it out alive, all the way to our villa *woot-woot*. Before and after dinner, we started a team building activity and found out that our strengths are, digging holes, along with lifting heavy stuff. Weaknesses being- distractions (go figure), and falling asleep in the middle of the day. So, all in all, today was pretty Fuego, from saying goodbye to half of our crew, to cleaning with insane amounts of bleach, to prioritizing a project for once. I just want to give a shoutout to all my fans around the world for supporting my blog posts, and I’m honestly not sure why they asked me to write another one. #NoRedBull #himom #team3week #jadensmells