Location: Road Town, Tortola

Day numero 13: started with a bang, literally, with a 5-second honk to signal our departure from the fleet to go to Road Town. This particular morning started in the usual fashion with Stefan, Shannon and I j-chillin on the roof of our boat, and of course, the rain started coming down to wake us up again. After the 3 of us + Ty took all the clothes off the lines and threw them in the main area. Of course, at this point in the morning, I have to check on my man-crush-everyday, Jaden… noticing that he wasn’t 100% awake, I did the only reasonable thing, locked him in his foxhole (sneaky sneaky). Once arrived at the Moorings dock area we loaded up all our stuff onto the dock and headed to our taxi. BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! Would it be another day without one of us getting injured in some way, emotional, physical or otherwise? Heck no. Today’s victim was Brynnie Boo’s foot. OH LORDY THAT’S A LOTTA BLOOD (but not it was just wet). We decided to leave her with our resident medic, Pirate Johar. Fast-forward 15ish minutes, our strong lady Brynn was back in action with a lil limp in her step (aka style points). We loaded up into the taxi and headed for our project for the day: painting a fence of mystery size. After passing a few large fences and dreading the thought of PAINting, we finally arrived at a pretty dope park where a much smaller half painted fence laid. With me and the trusty team #UseAndAbuse (Jaden, Stefan, me, and our lovely captain director of GoBeyond teacher (some other title) Elliot Francis Wright Callaway Evans IV) we hopped right on that fence and began whipping it into shape. About three and a half minutes into our great exercise we realized that we had to paint the other side of the fence which was wonderfully on the edge of some sewage looking water. We finessed some 2×4’s to lay across the dirty water and sent our best man J-drizzle to test them out. The day went on in the usual fashion with the boyz running out of steam first and deciding to eat mustard sandwiches. Because why not? Without boring y’all readers back home with the specifics of our day I’ll just sum it up with a rap… *rap beat* climbing over the dirty water, runnin’ out of the water, damn this sun hotter, can’t even call my father, WORD. Aight, we back on the boat after a gosh darn failure of a taxi rap-off. Blessed with the dock, our showers consisted of the freshest of fresh water. Once we sauced out way back to the boat, we found out that Jaden had used the wrong showers (classic Jaden). Once again #blessed by our captain teacher GoBeyond director Elliyeet Francis Wright Callaway Evans IV we ate dinner not on the boat but on the second floor of a real-life Indian restaurant where Bollywood videos would not stop playing. Putting us all into a trance. Once again team #UseAndAbuse were all late for our regional post-dinner meetings. Fast forward like an hour or two idk lol. Jaden managed to charm a very kind woman (classic once again) into giving us her mega inflatable rubber duckies with a complimentary lollipop for Stefan. We also finessed some dank ramen noodles from her that we are currently about to eat and then go to bed on our newfound inflatables. #RedBullGivesYouWings #sorrymom #kinda #imnotactuallyinsane #muchluv