Location: Beijing, China

Greetings loved ones- 

Today we woke up really early and drove to the summer palace, where the emperor and his empress chilled all summer long. We went paddle-boating in groups of six in the lake (in da middle of the palace). Then we explored the area and saw the cool ceilings of the corridors. Also, our ice cream tasted like frosting. Then we got lunch and went to the pearl market where we bought a lot of random things and when we couldn’t bargain the price low enough we danced around and sang the price we wanted and the peeps were so shocked and weirded out that they just sorta gave up and we bought

it, holla. So then we came back to the apartments and played with the group home kids for an hour and a half. Fu Ju Mang had to go home because he was throwing water on everyone and Luke blocked the doorways with a rope. Never a dull moment.

 Then all the babies cried because they got shot with water guns but they were fine so its okay. Then we had dinner and started working on stuff for the closing ceremony and other end-of-session shenanigans. It’s nice to look back, but we are really sad to leave.  😛 🙂 😉 


Hit us up if you want to know more deets, but they’ll need to give us our phones back first. Which they won’t.


peace love Lifeworks