Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Well, it’s safe to say it was a great first day of Session One. We awoke on the dock to the sound of roosters and goats, and after gathering all of our hammocks (now known as Hammock City). After breakfast, we had set sail to Norman Island. I’d say it was a pretty easy sail, the wind in our faces and a few bumps along the way. Oh, I was the one who steered the boat (in case I had forgotten that little detail). Once we anchored, it was time for the well-known swim test. To sum it up, everyone passed and were tired (I forgot how salty the water is here!). Anyway, following our test, we began to set up for our first swim in the Caribbean! We snorkeled in the caves in Norman Island. There were many fish and sea urchins. The caves themselves were beautiful; the sunlight was shining down and the warm waters – it was perfect. Once we returned, there was chill time and after we had dinner.

From yesterday to today, everyone seems to be getting along and becoming closer. At dinner there was talk and a whole bunch of laughter – I’d say that’s a good sign! Everyone is super friendly, and the staff here are amazing. Can’t wait to spend the next three weeks with them and go on many more adventures!