Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started with an early wake-up at 6:15. We ate cereal for breakfast underway as we motored to Spanish Town for a service project. Then we took a taxi to Coppermine National Park and got to climb on the rocks there. The view from the rocks was beautiful! We then kept climbing to get to a beach on the windward side of Virgin Gorda. There, we did a quick beach clean-up and collected a bunch of trash. We then walked to another beach and did a longer clean-up. We found a bunch of different types of plastic and other trash. After the clean-up, Dara taught us about the seven different types of plastic and their effects on the environment. After the beach clean-ups, we went back to the boat and brought it to the dock in Spanish Town. We then had shore time where we all got our phones and got to talk to our families and friends. We also got to eat lunch, onshore, and buy some snacks. Later, we had swim lessons for the local kids again. Many of them were excited to learn, and by the end, they all felt more comfortable in the water. I was with the same buddy for both days of lessons, and I loved to see her improvement and how her mom reacted when she saw her swim. During the lessons, we were all so happy to see that the sun had come out for the first time this session. The beach and the water looked prettier, and everyone was in a better mood. After the lessons, we came back to the boat and took ocean showers. The chefs prepared delicious chili and rice for dinner. We then did clean-up and had the rest of the night to relax. Today was a great day altogether, everyone enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!