Location: West End, Tortola

So generally the person writing the blog would be the skipper of the day… Today, I am the Terrestrial Leader, since we are living in a villa, not on a boat. Anyways, we got our day started on the worksite at around 8:00. The park that we are rebuilding needs a lot of work done to even look like a park again. Jamie, Elise, Clem, and I were on removing the weeds from around. While David and Isaac worked on the bleachers, and Jaden, Stefan, and Chase were all over the place with their jobs. Everyone was hard at work all morning, so a lot got done. The entrance to the basketball court is almost completely cleared and tamed which looks amazing! Jaden, Elliot, and David are still at a roadblock on how to get through the 7 inches of concrete without a jackhammer. Around 1:00, when the hottest part of the day comes rolling around, we take a two-hour break. During this break we eat some lunch at the villa, we can shower, nap, walk around with a buddy, and according to Elliot, stare at the ocean on the rock peak. While all the guys went to the docks, the girls and I stayed back to nap, and I did just stare at the ocean for a while. We returned to work around 3:00, continuing the handwork in the not so hot heat. The people from Preserving Paradise came on in to help clean up the grasses around the cement wall. Moving on, Jamie and I found a Barbie doll that was on a telephone pole, so I told her to grab it. And as I am on the other side of the wall, I just begin to see the legs of the barbie moving but can’t see Jamie’s head. Jamie comes back and says that there is a huge screw through the abdomen of this Barbie doll and that it can’t be taken off. So a staff member from preserving paradise goes and rips off one of the legs. It was a “have to be there” moment, but it honestly was so funny. Preserving Paradise left around 6:00 and we stayed until 7:30 or so. We came back to the villa, and we all watched Jaden be Yoda. Walking around with a walking stick and sitting criss-cross wherever he could, it was pretty weird. It was a really fun night; everyone was just cracking up all of dinner.

P.S. Happy Birthday Kate!