Location: Thailand

Welcome to the Lifeworks Thailand 2016 blogs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

ELLA DENNISON – Born and brought up in Oxford, England, Ella’s love of discovering new horizons started young with family forays into Africa. After graduating from Nottingham Trent, a growing wanderlust drew her to SE Asia in her early 20s, where she spent four years based in Thailand. While in Asia, explorations took her to India, Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Tibet China, and Sri Lanka. Ella travels to America annually to present gap year opportunities for high school students. She spends her time between Oxford, London, Wales, and the Lake District and is very excited to lead the Lifeworks Thailand program this year.

KEELEY RIDEOUT – Born in rural Washington, Keeley grew up raising llamas and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite things to do include skiing, backpacking, sailing, diving, writing, sampling exotic fruits, and traveling the world. She is passionate about creating meaningful relationships, sharing quality jokes and spending time outside. She studied Geography at the University of Colorado Boulder and cameos as a research scientist in the fields of hydrology, cartography and marine science. Her fascination with culture and language has driven her to live/work abroad in places like Switzerland, Bhutan, and Bermuda.

ELLIOT EVINS – Elliot joined the team in 2010 playing a supportive role and had since worked for Lifeworks and ActionQuest each summer as a field staff member. Since graduating college, he has pursued a passion for outdoor and service education with an emphasis on marine/maritime environments. Elliot now spends summers as a Program Director and Captain for the British Virgin Islands program. The rest of the year, he assists our office with enrollment and operations. He seeks out situations that allow him to be creative, travel and is happy to have found a profession that allows him to do both.