Location: Aguas Calientes

Today we woke up, ate breakfast, and packed our day bags for our train, which was very nice, and prepared for our hour and a half journey. The views were beautiful, and some of us chatted while others caught up on some sleep. Once we arrived, we headed to lunch and settled into our new hotel. During lunch, we watched the Russia vs. Croatia world cup game, and there were many mixed emotions about the outcome. After lunch, we walked to the hot springs (Aguas Calientes) where we bathed in the murky, yet purifying water. We left the pools with sulfuric fumes in our lungs and journeyed back to the hotel to shower. We relaxed and watched some animated movies before going to dinner. After dinner, we went to a festival for a bit to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Machu Picchu’s declaration as a world wonder! First, we see national day in Peru’s historic city Cusco and now this… perfect timing! We finished the night with a game of cards and mentally preparing ourselves for our big day at Machu Picchu tomorrow.