Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Even after a short night’s sleep, everyone on the boat woke up with a sense of excitement. The morning started with a quick but filling meal of cereal and fruit. After a lengthy talk about safety and health about living on a boat, everyone was ready to start sailing. Shortly after, the boats were off, and our new life of living on a boat began. I watched my shipmates put up the sail while I was at the helm steering the boat, and the teamwork was great for the first time together, and we reached Norman Island after about an hour. After a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cold cuts, we all took the highly anticipated swim test in the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. The water was warm and refreshing, and we couldn’t wait to go snorkeling. A quick boat ride on a dinghy took us to the caves, our location for snorkeling. We jumped in the water and looked down immediately amazed at how clear the water was and the amount of wildlife there was. Although it wasn’t as amazing as scuba diving, the waters were so clear and shallow enough that everything was visible. After only about 30 minutes in the water, everyone hopped back in the dinghy with a sigh of sadness – no one wanted to leave the water. A much-needed dinner of Sloppy Joe’s, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad was served. A little relaxation quickly turned into a dinghy ride to a meeting to talk about what lifeworks is all about, and the impact that we can have. After a long and eventful day, everyone headed to sleep with thoughts of the next day in mind.