Location: Anegada

Today we had pancakes with Nutella and peanut butter for breakfast, and they were amazing. After breakfast, we had some chill time and had a book party on the bow. Afterward, we sailed from Prickly Pear Island to Anegada in three hours which was a bit difficult because there was almost no wind. When we arrived on Anegada, we dinghied to shore and split into three groups for a trash scavenger hunt along the beach. Group one found a large bush they named Walter and dragged on the beach for a mile. Group two found a full, old-school can of Heineken. Group three was not successful in finding anything interesting, but they saw three nurse sharks in the shallow waters. When we returned to the boat, we had a Mexican night which was incredibly messy but delicious. Now we are sitting in the salon playing UNO and we’re bickering because it’s bedtime and we must sleep. Goodnight! Ana Garvin