Location: Santa Cruz, Galapagos islands

Today we had an early breakfast and headed straight to get our wetsuits, we then went to the port and were divided into two groups. Juliette, Gabriela, Margo, Louise, Lauren, Jensen, Max, Carlos and I boarded our boat called: “Galicia” and met our captain, guide, and crewmembers. The tour started with a boat ride to the island of Santa Fe, which took about one hour and thirty minutes, we were all interested in learning about the wildlife of the island, so we spent a good time bombarding the guide with questions. We then continued the tour by anchoring around the island where we snorkeled, and that was extremely impressive and astonishing for all of us as it was our first time encountering such colorful and interesting fish as well as swimming with a sea lion. After that, our lovely crewmembers prepared a delicious lunch for all of us which was tuna they had fished the day before with a nice creamy sauce, some vegetables, and rice. We had been missing fish, so that was the perfect meal. We started the engine again and headed to a very nice beach were the color of the water was transparent, and of course, on our way there we had to tan. There we had a full-on photo shoot which was so much fun, and some of us then decided to go snorkeling while others hopped on the dinghy (as we were way too cold) to look at the sea lion, stingray, and turtles. After both snorkeling adventures the tour got even more exciting as on our way back to Santa Cruz while we were jamming to music we fished a giant tuna fish and were given some fresh sashimi, which we all decided to try and enjoyed so much and everyone just fell asleep after that except for Margo and I that continued dancing and singing to the music. We were all really sad that the tour had finished as we all really, really enjoyed it but we had to head back to the hotel were we showered and then walked to the restaurant street where we could choose where we wanted to have dinner, so the majority of us decided to go to an Italian restaurant. It was super delicious, a great way to end our day.