Location: Dharamsala

Today was a very happy day. As soon as I woke up, I got really happy that the girls gave me hot water, for the first time in about a week. We, later on, went to eat breakfast at the Moon Peak Cafe. I ordered a pair of huge omelets, which were succulent. After eating, I went shopping with my friend Alejandro. We bought some nice things like scarves and necklaces and even made a reservation for a massage tomorrow. After doing that, we all went to play chess at Common Ground, which was very entertaining. Later, we ate sandwiches and chicken, which was very tasty. Next, Alejandro, Isabelle and I went to take care of the babies for four hours, as always. We ended up exhausted, but it was worth it. After that tiring task, we all went to the temple to do yoga. I was good at it, but my back ended up hurting. After that, we ate pasta and potatoes in the temple, and then had a great forum discussion which lasted about two hours, where we discussed topics such as the death penalty, Tibet and China, and many more subjects relevant to the world today. It was a complete day, and I am looking forward so very much to my massage session tomorrow.