Location: Dharamsala

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blue sky, followed by breakfast in CommonGround, our favorite. The others taught me how to play chess until it was time for shopping. Because its Sunday, we had the entire day free of any service learning activities. Zak, Alejandro, Aisha and I took this chance to get a 30-minute massage at a small little place hidden in the bustle of the street. I loved the message. It was the ideal way to take advantage of the day off. Afterward, we all went to a small theater and watched the movie Seven Years in Tibet, which led to further discussion of the situation in Tibet. Lunch was fulfilling as ever, and it leads straight into a treasure hunt created by Wen. Alejandro, Teo and I tried to find most of the things on the list. We met and interacted with many interesting people along the way (Alejandro even sang and danced with a street vendor), but in the end, Zak, Isabel, and Aisha beat us with the number of points they earned. Overall, we all had a great time exploring Dharamsala and meeting new people. Tired and sweaty from a day of walking, we headed to a delicious restaurant called Chonor House. Before bed, everyone headed to the roof to appreciate the clear night sky and stars. Watching a distant lightning cloud light up and chatting, it was a perfect end to a perfect day.