Location: Dharamsala

Today started a little rushed, because my alarm didn’t go off, and the only person that was awake was also sick and didn’t wake us up, so we (the girls) woke up at around 8:15 and the guys at around 8:30. We then quickly got ready and then climbed up the 300 or so stairs up to the town. We had breakfast at Common Ground, but unfortunately, the girl that had woken up early was sick again and in fact, couldn’t volunteer today. The rest of us headed out with our partners. I stopped at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the mountain that we rarely see because it’s always raining or misty. I took a few photos and then my partner, and I started the English lesson and ordered two lassis, an apple one and a papaya one. A lassi is a yogurt based drink that can be mixed with fruits to give it more flavors. Later on, during our lesson, the three boys stopped in the same restaurant  and ordered some stuff too. I had a short lesson of Tibetan as we were leaving, and my partner told me that Tashidelek (there’s no way to write it in English) means hello, good luck, and congratulations. So many positive meanings of one word! The group all came back together for lunch at Common Ground, and we had some light food because half the group has a cold and another felt quite sick at this point. But it wasn’t any less good than usual. Out of the six of us, only four were feeling up to volunteering in the afternoon. The other two went down to the monastery. I, personally, am volunteering for Lha Tibet Fair Trade, more specifically helping them create and update social media sites so that they can be more know to the world. Today, I updated the instructions for future volunteers and posted the first picture on the Instagram page! Some of my photos of Aisha’s hand with a bracelet on it and the bracelet with a white background were posted on the facebook page; I was pretty proud of myself. After that, we went down to the monastery because there weren’t enough people to do an afternoon activity, and we were tired too. We ate dinner down there and then had formed. Isabelle and I were collaborating today, and we did a game where people had to answer a personal question on a paper, and the others had to guess who wrote which answer. I ended up winning, Aisha came second; she was down by one point! I think it was a fun way to end our day.