Location: Dharamsala

Today we began the day with the day with our usual routine. All of us, feeling a lot better ate a full breakfast and took a long hike to a nearby village, Dharamkot with our learning partner. My partner and I then went to a cafe and went over everything that we have learned so far. After a good session, we enjoyed a filling lunch that included sandwiches, fries, and chicken. Next, we went to Rogpa and cared for the babies. Each day Zak surprises me with how well he is with children. In the afternoon we learned more about an organization by the name of STF (Students for a Free a Tibet). It taught us more about how we can help Tibet back in our home countries. Concluding the talk, we ate at a restaurant that had delicious noodles, juicy lamb, and seasoned naan. I led the forum today and decided to show my friends a game I learned in Ecuador. The majority of them had already played the game. It was still fun, and it turns out that I had the fastest hands and in a sudden death beat Wen. It turned out to be a great end to a great day.