Location: Dharamsala

At 8:00 in the morning on the 29th of July, 2015, the Lifeworks India group got up from peaceful slumber to start a new day in the serene town of Dharamshala. They once again went out to their commonplace, Common Ground Cafe, to eat what has become their normal, and amazing, breakfast. Once done, the group of six went out to meet up with their Learning Partners, the same ones that they had been going out with for the past week. In a group consensus ” with a bit of recommendation from a staff of common ground ” the new group of twelve went off on a great journey to visit the grand Tibetan Parliament in Exile. Looking out to the stylish seating room of the Parliament, the group was bestowed with an inspiring aura of pure democracy. Without any opposing parties, the Tibetan Government was entirely elected by the Tibetan public. Moving on, the twelve visited the magnificent museum of Tibetan culture, displaying models of grand Tibetan architecture and representations of the great teachers, yogis, and other important persons to the Tibetan culture, among many other things. Returning to Common Ground from their adventure, the Lifeworks six separated from their friends, to have a hearty, and vegetarian, lunch, graciously provided, once again, by the Common Ground family and staff. Finishing that, the six divided to threes, off to do the hard work they have been doing every afternoon. Alejandro, Zach, and Isabel went off to do their charitable work of caring for Tibetan children, while Izzy, Aisha, and Teo went off to do their honorable work at Lha. Meeting back up in the afternoon, the group was given precious time to go out and finish their shopping. Coming back to an arranged meeting place, an Italian restaurant, the student had brought back an assortment of items: From scarves to books and locks to jewelry. While eating a scrumptious Italian style dinner, each person shared their spoils to the rest of the table. Returning to the monastery, Teo hosted a great, if a bit improvised, a game of Gin Rummy (a card game). Turning back into their respective rooms, the students went to bed to have a well-earned rest after such a long day in the exiled Tibetan community in India.