Location: San Jose

Today we woke up and had a nice hotel breakfast. We were then given 2 hours to work on our reflection papers and cards for one another. With 15 minutes to spare, we hectically packed and ran out to the bus. We of course then fell asleep, and when we all woke up we were feeling a bit car sick, so Hugo stopped the bus at a little store. Of course, then we had to buy snacks for the rest of the drive. About an hour later, we went to a restaurant to eat some lunch. Then we were able to stop at a souvenir shop for some last-minute gifts. We arrived at our last hotel for the night, right near the airport. We spent more time writing letters for each other and then went out to dinner, where we met up with Gail. After dinner, we said our goodbyes to Gail and then had our last “sesh.”

The last “sesh” led to a few tears and gave us a preview to tomorrow at the airport. Once we got back to the hotel, we were given our phones so we could reconnect to our loved ones and check in to our flights. We then made sure we were following each other on all social media and took a lot of pictures. Meca gave all of us bracelets from Peru to remember our “boosh mommy” by. We have to wake up in 4 hours, and we still have packing to do. Even though Enrico will be writing a log tomorrow, this will be the last student-written log. So for our final goodbyes, we wanna say…

Peace out and Pura Vida