Location: Anegada

This morning we started by doing the unthinkable. We slept in! At 7:00 we were up and ready to face the day. Sort of. (We were all still a bit tired from a long night.) After a lovely breakfast, we set sail for Anegada, which was a few short hours away. When the shore was finally in sight, we were all a bit surprised. The island was utterly flat, and unlike any island, we had visited so far! After lunch, it was time to explore. What better way to explore than with a treasure hunt?! We soon learned that this was not just an ordinary treasure hunt. This was serious. We saw a more competitive side of each other, and the staff, today. One group took a wrong turn along the way… And ended up lost on the side of the road. The other group ended up with ice cream. When everyone was finally reunited, we compared the findings of each group. (The winning group has not been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted!) Afterward, a few of us were rewarded with the best prize I can think of: clean clothes. Not all of our laundry is done yet, but we are all quite excited about it. We ended the day with a Mexican feast. Can’t wait for tomorrow!