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Location: Bangkok


The day started off with waking up at 7am. It was tough, but I think most people are almost over the jet lag. We ate breakfast and headed off to the foundation. There, everyone joined the Thai teenagers to partake in making decoupage hats – basically using napkins and glue to create patterns on the hats, but they actually look good. The Thai teenagers also made purses and handbags with patterns on them. It was very interesting learning that people in Thailand make a living by creating crafts like these. After that we learned to cook a Thai meal, which included fried chicken seasoned with lemongrass and other local herbs, coconut chicken soup and a seafood soup. The different foods were all delicious, and the ingredients originally came from the market that we visited in the afternoon. The market was full of interesting fruits, vegetables and meats, including live chickens, fish and frogs. The weather continued to be extremely hot and humid today, so many of us went for a swim when we returned to the hotel. The pool has spectacular views and proved to be refreshing. For dinner, the group ate Mexican food, which was a welcomed break from the Thai food. At night the group performed a Lifeworks Forum and talked about why they are doing this trip and what is the meaning of it all and the difference between a tourist and a volunteer. Overall, the group experienced things a little out of their comfort zone and thought about how to make a difference.