Location: Bangkok

We began the day similar to most with a short drive to the foundation where we then walked across the street to a local elementary school. The students split into three color-coded groups of red, blue and green. We, volunteers, were then split up among the teams and got dressed up to participate in a parade. We were all lead out into the street and followed a modified taxi blaring Thai pop music throughout the neighborhood. After the parade, we played a variety of field games with the students: sack races, eating contests (fried chicken, watermelon and milk – oddly enough) and a tug of war (we volunteers lost handily to Thai students of similar ages). Following the games, we were fed a wonderful lunch in the school before beginning to paint the perimeter walls of the school. While it seemed like a big task, many hands make light work and were able to refurnish a surprising amount of concrete. Sweaty, we returned to our hotel for showers, preparing ourselves for a visit to an enormous Thai mall, complete with Roman restrooms, Turkish bazaars, and KFC. A long day completed, we returned sleepily to our hotel.