Location: Bangkok

Today we started the day by playing games with the Thai elders. It was so cool to see how happy and excited they were to help us and for us to participate in their crafts, as we made the types of decorations they take to the temples. After our crafts, we went and delivered rice and care packages to some of the elders in the Klong Toey Slums that weren’t able to make it to the foundation. When we handed the rice and care packages to the elders they were so grateful, not only for the gifts we gave them, but they also appreciated our time and effort we put in to personally take the gifts. The slums we went to were very run down and made me appreciate the things we have in life and how we do not need everything we think we need. After dinner, we had a discussion about what it means to have a meaningful impact, and all decided that, although we hope we are having an impact on the community here, the main thing that is occurring is the impact of these experiences on us.