Location: Airlie Beach

Heroically, we rose at 5:30 to our last Sydney sunrise. As we watched the rosy pink sky over Bondi beach, we knew that we would never forget the urban beauty of Sydney. Our breakfast consisted of well-toasted crostini and creamy, nutty Nutella. We then embarked on a short drive to Sydney airport, after that our phones were promptly re-confiscated (sorry I couldn’t call you grandma, blame the councilors). We then flew for an hour to Brisbane. During our two-hour layover in Brisbane, we had the opportunity to sample some local cuisine. I can assert that Hungry Jacks is far better than its red white and blue counterpart (Burger King). We then had a lecture from our resident marine biologist. This lecture –titled “Things that Can Kill You in Australia” – included such gems as the deadly Irukanji jellyfish. Nervous, we then looked to our resident EMT Andrew for reassurance. Unfortunately, Andrew informed us that, if we get stung, “I can’t fix that.” ¬†An hour and a half later, we arrived in Proserpine. During the drive from the airport, we got to see many wallabies and a single plastic crocodile. We then arrived on Eureka II, the 60-foot sailboat on which we will live for the next four days. The amiable captain and crew of the Eureka warmly welcomed us with a smorgasbord of pizza and soda. Though many of my shipmates have reservations about living on a boat in such notoriously dangerous waters, the brave captain and crew guaranteed us of our safety. We look towards the next few days with uncertainty, proud of how far we have come, eager for the adventures ahead.

Ryan took artistic liberty in the creation of this piece. As such, the crew of Billabong Australia reserve the right to refute any of these aforementioned claims