Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day doesn’t truly begin until we finish breakfast as no one is truly awake until that point. Today was a little different because we began our hands-on service work. We worked alongside the other GoBeyond Preserving Paradise boat, at a school on the island Virgin Gorda. I began my work by dusting off every nook and cranny of the school, preparing it for the fresh new coat of paint that other campers placed on later. After I finished dusting, I waited outside for other workers so that we could work on the outside portion of the school. The fence surrounding the school was very old and in pretty bad shape. We were tasked with tearing up the fence so a new fence could be put in place. In total, there were 7 of us who worked on the fence, and we managed to tear nearly all of it up, allowing another group of Go Beyond campers to place a new fence tomorrow. Pulling up that fence is something I will remember, as it was one of the first times I have seen a project like that through to the end.

After working at the school, we headed back to the boat and took off to another part of the island known as the baths. Here we dove off a massive boulder into the ocean, a real bonding moment for the two groups who came. We then went further into the baths reaching another beach where we stayed for about an hour. A group of us climbed up onto a large boulder and talked for the entire time. It was a fun and calming end to the day. We then returned to the boat to have a chili dinner.