Location: Beijing, China

From personal experience, I know that completely understanding children like those in Little Flower are not always attainable, but moments of utter complete joy are, and even though, we try hard to, our issues often overshadow what is truly important in life. Children of Little Flower put into perspective what it means to live in the moment. So, when I went to the baby home today, I felt moments of absolute ambiguity. Once, our baby Little Croissant called me mama proudly and loudly twice. Not once, but twice. How is that meant to make me feel? I don’t know, but a swelling feeling of pride, confusion, and anxiety swept over, and I felt compelled to quietly sing and rock my new found friend. After the baby home, we went to Tian An Men Square and the outside perimeter of Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was closed due to new renovations. 

In addition to our many recent adventures, while in Beijing we were invited to a Chinese dance class in the local public garden. A group of Grace, Sarah (counselor), Adriana, Lauren, Bryn, Hannah (counselor) and, myself, experienced the utter joy of happily flapping like chickens in an attempt to follow two dance instructors doing complicated and intricate moves. In China, it is common for older women and men to gather in a public square and perform dance exercises. It is a fusion of modern dance, traditional dance, and a fitness regime. 

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