Location: Anegada

Today after waking up at a late hour of 7:30 we ate a fast breakfast of cereal as a group before shuttling on the dinghies to reach Anegada. Once there we headed to the Anegada Rock Iguana Headstart Facility. It was a small plot of land lined with many cages filled with hungry adolescent rock iguanas. The facility helps to increase the population of rock Iguanas which is a species that only exists on Anegada. It raises small Iguanas until they can fend of the furry felines that stock the island. Throughout the day we made Iguana salad, a mixture of lettuce, grapes, carrots, potatoes, and apples, all was grated into a fine mixture by Jeff who was also kind enough to test out the salad when a piece accidentally flew into his mouth. We also weeded the fences to provide a breeze into the facility. Finally, while some students nailed the broken cages together, others faced the iguanas and opened their cages while quickly placing in bowls of food and water. After we had finished at the Iguana center, we rode on the open air taxi to a restaurant beach area called Big Bamboo. We spent the afternoon eating hamburgers and sitting in the sand playing volleyball and taps. After lunch, we moved to the turquoise water to go snorkeling in the third largest reef in the world. After scary (but exciting) encounters with nurse sharks, barracudas, and scraps of coral we retreated to the beach to return home for the day. Once back to the comfortable catamaran we showered in the salty water of the Caribbean and received freshly laundered clothes. For dinner, we had a summertime Thanksgiving consisting of stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and chicken. In a few minutes, we will end this long day with a nice warm brownie that is in the oven baking into gooey perfection.