Location: Anegada

It is incredible to think that we, the good crew of Moko Jumbie, are already more than halfway through our journey together. Not even two weeks ago, 16 strangers met on the dock at West End in Tortola, and now it feels like the group is one big, cohesive, happy, rambunctious family! I feel like the trip is going by way too fast, but we still have many more adventures ahead of us. An update on our shipmates; Ethan and Josh, our ActionQuest alumni, have acted as mentors to the rest of the group. They are experienced sailors, and they know the ropes when it comes to life on a boat. Ethan, with his diving abilities and quick reflexes, has made several heroic rescues when something goes overboard(usually a deckie bucket or drinking cup). Josh, with his extensive knowledge and talent with knots, has been teaching the others as well as making many Turks-head bracelets for all the ladies on board. Alex, Ana, and Kat seem to have a sixth sense for knowing when I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and they are always there to help me out. Kat has shared her cooking talents with us whenever she is a chef for the day, and she always has a cheery attitude and friendly smile. Ana has been a great example for her fellow shipmates; she is always eager to help out wherever she can, and she does it with a positive attitude. Alex, with her flexibility, balance, and strength, has helped me lead a couple of morning yoga sessions on the bow! Jeff’s great attitude and hilarious sense of humor keep the group in good spirits. He brings a lot of sailing knowledge and has been a great crew member and teacher. Austin brings such a peaceful presence to our sometimes chaotic, boisterous group. He is always there to be of service to others, both on the boat and off. He is especially energetic and helpful during our projection with local school children. Tori, Hayley, and Cam have all had the chance to be Skipper for the day. Even without having previous sailing experience, all three have demonstrated a natural ability while at the helm. Tori had a blast hanging out with the local school children on Virgin Gorda, her love for children (and their love for her) has been very apparent. Cam has taken the initiative as one of the natural leaders of the group, she is a great motivator and is full of such positive energy. She is always helping out the others with their jobs-de-jour, even without being asked.

While we were in Anegada, Juliana leads the others on a snorkel adventure along the reef. Her natural grace and ability in the water helped the group discover all sorts of beautiful coral formations, schools of colorful fish, and even a nurse shark! Katie is such a sweet presence onboard Moko Jumbie, she is always positive and helpful. She is in high demand for her hair braiding talent, and she also makes killer pancakes! Meghan is always one of the first to ask if anyone needs help, and each day she does more than her fair share of tasks around the boat. She has an incredible sense of humor and her friendly presence makes her a joy to be around. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better group this session! The group as a whole has so much fun together, and they have all become incredibly close with each other. I feel that the friendships made here will last for lifetimes. As staff, they make our jobs very easy and enjoyable. They are motivated and have all adapted to boat life very seamlessly. They understand why they are here doing service for others and the environment, they see the bigger picture and they perform their tasks tirelessly and without complaint. I cannot wait to see what fun and adventure waits for us over the next 8 days! Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! -Quincey, Mate, and Medic for Moko Jumbie