Location: Marina Cay

Luckily I got to be the skipper on one of the most relaxing days this trip. This morning, all of us on Moko Jumbie woke up well rested and ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast of pancakes and eggs. We all sat around and talked for quite a while before beginning to lift the anchor from the place we’d been docked for the past three days, Anegada, and continue on our sail. I learned that I’m quite the natural when it came to being skipper and helped BZ sail from Anegada to Mosquito Island (Which would completely shock my friends and family back home considering I can barely drive a car). After a couple of hours of sailing, we finally docked and began loading up into dinghies to begin our beach day. There was a super cute and tiny little beach surrounded by rocks that we all got to explore and hang out in with Catalinaville. It was so much fun to be able to kick back and play on the beach with everyone for hours. We all played giant games of taps and chicken, and some of us even got to jump off rocks into the water. Getting to bond with everyone in such a beautiful place and take a break from the service work for a day was incredible. I couldn’t ask to be on this trip with a better group of people. We then all headed back to the boats again to take quick freshwater showers and dock real fast to fill up our water tanks, which means shore time. Everyone got to walk around in the shops for a moment and had an opportunity to call their parents which is always so nice. When all of us were back on the boat, we began fixing dinner which turned into an impromptu dance party and Taylor Swift sing-a-long. Everyone danced around the salon and sang along as loud as they possibly could- Moments like that are the ones I’ll remember and miss the most when this trip comes to an end. After eating our delicious dinner, we all headed out to meet up with the rest of ActionQuest for a nighttime forum. We all piled into a small, open-air room and talked a bit with Mike before he turned on a tape recording simply titled, “The best things in life aren’t things.” The tape was extremely moving, and I’m not even gonna lie I cried a little bit. It discussed the importance of living life for yourself and recognizing the importance of the people you love so you can make sure they know it. It had some major impact on everyone in the room, some more than others, but an impact on everyone nonetheless. The tape made me realize how nothing is guaranteed, especially time, and you should always let people know how much you appreciate and love them while you still can. We all returned to the boat a little different than when we left and even had another opportunity to call our parents if we wanted. I got to talk to my dad who I haven’t talked to in a while, and it was so lovely- especially after that talk. After a couple of hours of talking and laughing like usual, we all settled down and piled into our beds for the night. Overall, today was so much fun, and I am so blessed to be a part of this program with such incredible people. P.S. I’m not sure who back home reads these blogs, but I just wanted to tell my family how much I love and miss them. I am having such an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience, so thank you for making this all possible. Also shoutout to Rachel, Bella, and Max (even though I know most of them won’t read this) I love you guys so much, and I can’t wait until I get home so I can see you guys! Hope you’re doing well and your summer is as amazing as mine- don’t miss me too much!