Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

After the BBQ last night, the whole boat decided that we should pull a prank. We were all assigned different jobs, including writing notes, thinking of ideas, and sneaking on the boat. So this morning, a few of us woke up at 3:30 in the morning to prank the boats Mango Tango and Beso. Melina, Natalia, Stella, and I (Sadie) dressed up as counselors and crawled onto the boats. Stella and I took all the utensils on Mango’s boat, while Melina and Natalia did a lot more than that. They took all the lids on the boat and ended up writing on the deck saying “#PRANKED”. Then, with all the lids and utensils, we hid them on another boat and stole their French press.

When we got back to our boat, we celebrated our victory with a coffee photoshoot and talked about the experience we had. Melina and Natalia had a few bumps, like a kid waking up and a flashlight roaming around, but they ended up handling it well and didn’t get caught. All of us decided to stay up, watch the sunrise, and wait for our friends to wake up. We all enjoyed watching the boats wake up to our pranks and were laughing at them, talking on the radio, and asking for their forks and knives back. After a long morning of pranks, our cooks, Nicole and Stella, made pancakes and cinnamon coffee cake, which we ate very quickly. After breakfast, we did a deep clean of the boat, which wasn’t very fun but very necessary. The only thing that kept us going was knowing that we were tagging sea turtles. We tried a new method where we hold onto the dinghy, and if we spot a turtle, we dive down to get it. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any turtles, but Olivia and Nicole saw a huge pufferfish. After about an hour or two, we went to our next location. When sailing, it was very quiet, and most of the boat slept due to lack of sleep and tiredness from 4 straight days of community service. We then relaxed a bit, and some of us, like Mariana and Natalia, tanned on the roof. Our chefs made us a delicious Thai curry and rice, which was one of my favorite meals (besides the chili). During dinner, Mike told us that all three of the boats were planning to prank us tonight, so we should keep an eye open. We are prepared, though, and have mapped out where we are going to sleep tonight. If we see them on our boat, our plan is to yell intruder or bark. Hopefully, they won’t succeed in their pranks.

-Sadie (Miss and love you, Mom and Dad)