Location: Beijing

After an amazing night service at Dewdrops Little Flower, we started up the day withal of toast, eggs, and cereal. We then headed out for the Summer Palace. There, we first took a boat ride across the Kunming Lake. The first boat blasted music through a speaker, while the second boat sang some of their music. After that, we all explored the Summer Palace in the course of half an hour. Just down the path from the boat rental, there was a concert of Chinese music encircled by an eager crowd. A few of us noticed the *beat drop” and started whipping and nae naeing and dabbing combined with the Kung Fu moves we were taught a few days ago. As we danced to the music, some members of the crowd started watching us, and soon, there were a few people videotaping us and taking selfies with us. One old man even started showing us photos of his daughter.

We then went to the Pearl Market to eat lunch at McDonald’s and then buy souvenirs. We all tested our bargaining skills to buy each souvenir, and most of us succeeded in dropping the prices by a lot. We ended up buying a huge variety of souvenirs, ranging from shirts to chopsticks to make up to even technological equipment without even spending that much money. The Pearl Market had so many levels, with so many souvenirs to choose from.


Later in the night, we will have a “surprise” activity that we are all desperate to know of.


We are like sponges in an ocean, desperate with a thirst for cultural knowledge.

– Sheindel and Sarah 🙂