Location: Aguas Calientes

Today we got to sleep in before heading out for our journey to Machu Picchu. We took a 2-hour train ride that seemed shorter than it was because I slept the whole time. But for the times that I woke up, the scenery was beautiful. (My best friend Liz sitting next to me was even more beautiful). As soon as we arrived, we headed to our hotel so we could get settled in. Before the hot springs, we went to lunch and enjoyed a wonderful karaoke performance by a random older man. The hot springs had a great view but were a bit chillier than expected. Also, my swimsuit that was white turned yellow from all the minerals. The pools also smelled like ramen, but I enjoyed it regardless. Later, we stopped at a market and put our bargaining skills to use. We finished our day with Peruvian food and bops. (P.S. the reggae bops were just remixes).