Location: Ollantaytambo

Today started bright and early with a long drive up the mountains. Two hours later when we all woke up from our bus naps, we ran to the lake to get situated. After being fitted for our wetsuits, it was time to go paddle boarding. A few of us including myself went on a giant paddle board. We went around the lake and eventually, all met in the middle, exchanged boards, played games, and did some yoga. On the monster boat, we all lied down to rest and eventually fell asleep. Our captain took us to an area where we could hang out and lie down in the sun. Finally, it was time to go to lunch. Our restaurant was outdoors with lemon and avocado trees. After lunch, we walked to a beekeeping farm. We had the chance to hold bees! We ate honey from the honeycomb which was delicious. When we were done, it was time to go to a chocolate demonstration. We shelled cacao beans and tried some. They were very bitter. After the beans were shelled, we turned them into chocolate! The beans were considered to be some of the highest quality beans in the world. Hot chocolate was then passed out, and we moved on to a pottery factory. We got the chance to make bowls on pottery wheels and painted coasters. After a long day of activities, it was time to go back to the hotel. Some of us went stargazing. It was a beautiful clear sky, but the moon had risen over the mountains so I’m sure we saw a ton of stars, but I’m sure we didn’t see as many stars as we could have. For dinner, we ordered pizza and watched a movie. It was a great end to a great day.