Location: Anegada

“To live is a rare thing, for most people exist,” Oscar Wilde.

A quote, a quote of many meanings, the meaning of uncertainty and wonder. Lifeworks, a community, revolved around helping the community and “living” are some of the few collaborations that celebrate living. As the clouds gave way for the moon to rise and the sun to emerge, we woke up to a classic song played daily, to help us wake up. The day began slowly with our tired, zombie-like bodies emerging on deck to eat our cereal. Through two journeys on our dingy, Shadow, we made our way to the dock, and through a bumpy ride in the wilderness and flat jungle-like terrain, we made our way to our destination. Today’s goal was to tag turtles and collect data for multiple organizations that could use this data for good work. Our first boat came in with a colorful turtle, a green turtle. After a long examination, we put the turtle aside and began to send other candidates for turtles. Eventually, a plethora of turtles emerged on our padded examination table, where we collected the data and hurried out again on the dinghy to return these creatures to the place they call home. This is, funny enough, our home as well – The Sea. As they jumped and moved their flippers to escape us quickly, they swam away into the reflecting turquoise water with white sand for which we held enough wonder to plunge our heads into the water. We quickly made our way home to our rocky boat and with enough hunger and grumbling in our stomachs, we decided to eat and eventfully “squeezed.”