Location: Brewers Bay

Waking up to bagels and cream cheese was a lovely surprise in the gorgeous Musk Melon bay on the eleventh day of our amazing trip. After pulling anchor, we left Musk Melon and started our short journey to cam bay. After dropping anchor in cam bay, we had our snack of Goldfish and Pringles before we all poured into the dinghies on our way to a wet landing on the (blank) beach for a few hours long beach cleanup in which I’m proud to say we cleared the entire beach of any trash. After our amazingly productive beach cleanup, we hopped back on the dinghies to head back so we could prepare for our sail to get to where we had our afternoon shore time on the amazing island of Tortola at Trellis Bay. Trellis bay has the most amazing restaurant with a huge selection of foods where we all had s great lunch before exploring the incredible art gallery with all locally made items which and all of the markets and little shops on the island. After returning to the restaurant to meet up with the staff, we all hopped back in the dinghies to head back to the boat to start our long sail to brewers bay where we are staying for the night. Shortly after arriving at brewers bay we all jumped to refreshing water to cool off and have fun we all had a backflip competition and chilled until we got out to have an amazing dinner of grilled cheese and salad. After dinner we hung out and anticipated the amazing activity that we had planned of night snorkeling where we saw the amazing life under the water at night, we saw squid, tarpon, snook, barracuda, spiny lobster, slippery lobster, and even an octopus but the best part was to turn off the flashlights and be able to see the crazy bio-luminescence. There was a bad part of the night snorkel too because in looking at all these beautiful animals there was the realization that we only have seven days left in this paradise.