Location: Cairns

We woke up from another cold night in the rainforest and began to make breakfast and prepare the usual lunch. We boarded a bus over to a few blocks of stores and shopped around for a while, browsing all of the interesting tourist areas in the little rainforest town of Kuranda. We then walked over and boarded a boat for a river tour. The boat took us down the Barron River and back, all the while a guide pointed out things down the river: crocodiles (they had amazing camouflage and were not always easy to see), birds, and landmarks. There was actually one of the oldest Australian forest walks and coffee plantations next to the river. We came to a hydroelectric dam, which serves as part of the largest power grid in Australia and then headed back. Once we got to the bus, it was a 40 minute trip to Cairns where we were fitted into our dive gear for the Great Barrier Reef dive trip that starts tomorrow. We then headed out to the Cairns Night Markets where we bought souvenirs and had dinner.