Location: Chugchilan Andes

This was probably one of the most tiring days on this whole trip. We used so many modes of transportation it was amazing, we went in a plane, a bus, a truck and a canoe. ALL in one day. Can you believe that? We were supposed to wake up at 6:30 but I woke up at like 5:30 where I just stared into the magnificent jungle for an hour. Finally, 6:30 came and the alarm started beeping. I woke up Dan and Frank (my roommates). And then went around the other cabins to wake them up and also to remind them to pack their bags for travel. Breakfast was delicious as every other day in the Amazon rainforest; I was going to miss the food there because the hotel in the Andes is a vegetarian place (no meat for THREE DAYS). So, our journey starts with a one hour canoe ride to the docks.

Most of us where playing games and the others where just chilling and enjoying the last hour in the Amazon river. When we reached the docks we went to market where Hector ate grubs and wanted us to try. He held a stick of grubs and wanted someone to try. Chris yelled ‘THE LEADER OF THE DAY FIRST’. Everyone started staring at me and I was dying from inside, I walked a few steps forward; took the grub and ate it in one bite. It didn’t really taste as bad as I thought it was going to be. After I ate it, everyone else did and thank god NOBODY puked. Hector then showed us some other cool stuff and took us to the souvenir shop where people bought bracelets and necklaces, but we couldn’t buy any spears or blow-darts (unfortunately).

When we were all done buying stuff, we took a short bus ride to the airport, where everyone was laughing at each other’s passport pictures. After an hour wait, we rode on the plane for a 30-minute plane ride, I was sitting next to Brittany and Justin where we had a fun time laughing at random things. When we landed EVERYONE wanted TGI Fridays, we where begging Chris and Maria but they told us no every time. The bus driver would take us to a restaurant where we thought would taste really bad, but when we arrived there was a candy store next to the restaurant and we ran in like a pack of bulls. We probably spent all together more than a hundred bucks on sweets and Oreos. When we entered the restaurant and the food arrived on our table we were shocked of how delicious the food was. We went back to the bus and got ready for a four hour killer bus ride, where people kept switching places, eating each others snacks and taking random pictures of each other. FINALLY, after we arrived we went into the hotel where we got our rooms. We then ate a hot vegetarian meal. After we all finished the boys had a really emotional forum at night that lasted for hours.