Location: Amazon Basin

Today the group started the day with an early, 5:30, wake up call and a great breakfast. After the delicious Amazonian food (if that is a word) we headed out to the canoe where we were transported to a bus which took us to another canoe which brought us to our working area from yesterday. There we continued our work of freeing the river of its infestation of invasive lilies. We did this for about three hours and then took a break for lunch. After a hard-earned meal, half of us went back to work, and the rest took a hike in a very lively forest. I was a part of the group that took a hike today, and I can truthfully say that I had a blast. I saw a lot of amazing plants and bugs and was able to test my balance crossing a river. After two hours of this, the two groups combined once again and got in a canoe headed to Hector’s Island. There we saw a lot of different monkeys and learned how to climb trees (or at least attempted to learn). After a fulfilling day of work and play, we finally resided at the lodge with a hearty dinner. This is the last full day we will have in the Amazon and all in all it was a great one. I think I can speak for the whole team when I say that we wish we could all get together and do it again someday.