Location: Anegada

While most Lifeworks mornings are spent prying fellow shipmates out of their bunks, us Lifeworkers were quick to assume this morning’s tasks as we finally approached one of the most anticipated jobs of the voyage, Turtle Tagging. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes assembled by chefs Joe and Ross, the crew began hauling the numerous pieces of equipment and supplies we would need to carry out our amphibious task. Finally, we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf, the location we would use to base our Turtle Tagging operation. The slightly overcast and windy Anegada weather was comfortable, but it also made setting up the tent and supplies a challenging task. We didn’t need much instruction, as we were all pretty well schooled in the methods of Turtle tagging from last night’s lesson. The method we used is called ‘Rodeo’, and is performed by taking a nimble motor powered skiff, and chasing the Sea Turtle until it is exhausted enough to snatch. We were all anxious to begin our rodeo, and the first two groups to go out were Shippy, Danielle, and Shannon in one boat, and Ross, Joe, and Sarah in the other. The rest of us patiently awaited the return of our shipmates, and were thrilled when we saw the first skiff return with four Hawksbill Sea Turtles! It wasn’t long before the next group arrived with another two Turtles. Over the next several hours, we managed to capture ten Sea Turtles. As the turtles arrived, land-based Lifeworkers, led by Torin, measured and tagged them. This process can best be described as exhilarating, even on the dock. After hours of hard work, we had finally returned all of the turtles to their habitat and were headed back to the dock. Next, we received an hour of shore time, in which us shipmates enjoyed some local Conch and explored the local shops. Finally, we were treated to a Thanksgiving-themed feast with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and canned chicken. I think I can speak for the whole boat in saying that we are all very thankful for such a memorable experience in a beautiful place with amazing new friends.