Location: Marina Cay

After an early wake-up and breakfast, we began our final hours at Anegada. We got into the dinghies and motored over to the dock and hopping into Lil’ Bit’s truck which we have been using the whole time in Anegada. We once again drove to the Iguana Rehabilitation Center and proceeded to feed the reptiles and paint the sign out front. After our task was finished, we said our final goodbyes to the people of Anegada and began our journey to Marina Cay. The trip would take most of the day, so we had plenty of downtimes. After a few hours at sea, we had the opportunity to swim at Honeymoon Beach (which is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen). After departing from the beach, we finally arrived at Marina Cay which allowed us to a little shore time. And to finish of the day, we went ashore with all of ActionQuest and listened to a rather thoughtful speech by Jim Tuman. After, all of us thought about our loved ones and our relationship with them. We will all have a good night sleep thinking about this unforgettable day.