Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up in the Caribbean! I mean how incredible is that? We really shouldn’t take that for granted, but now everyone has gotten used to it (most people can’t say that we’re pretty lucky!) Anyways, everyone was pleased with a simple breakfast of cereal and yogurt after eating all large breakfasts for the past couple of days. After breakfast, we motored from Muskmellon Bay to Great Camanoe Island. When we got there we got chose boats to go turtling, most people wanted to be in the small Sunsail dinghy because it only carries four people, so everybody gets to snorkel at once, while everyone on the Shadow dinghy has to take turns turtling (four at a time). When everyone got situated into their boats, both dinghies drove to a cave where a big monster lives! With each swell, a deep growling noise rose from the cave’s depths. The cave was beautiful, and so were all the big brown-grey rocks that surrounded it. Finally, we were ready to turtle, and the driver threw out the line, and four people grabbed on. The boat dragged us along while we buried our faces in the clear ocean, where we saw beautiful and colorful reefs and really interesting fish! One of us saw a huge turtle! We didn’t go after it because it was too big and too deep. When we came back to the boat we were all pretty tired and ready for a snack break, so we all ate some gorp Avery made – she’s the master gorp maker. Once we were done, we got ready to look for Lionfish! Lionfish are an invasive species that are ruining the reefs here. They have 18 venomous spines that you should not touch, but if you do, you’ll be in terrible pain for a good four hours. But the fish are ruining the reefs by eating all the fish on the reef and then moving to another one until all the reefs are destroyed which would be terrible.

We all got on Shadow and went out to a reef and snorkeled all together and looked for the Lionfish, and after only about 15 minutes Stephanie and Alex found a Lionfish that was hiding under a rock. All the students had to go back to the boat, and we left BZ to stay with the fish, and Shawn went back to BZ with a spear gun and speared it. When they brought it back we dissected the Lionfish and learned all about it, and we found another fish inside its throat, it was so goofy! After that a small group of people went with Shawn and BZ to snorkel, it was really beautiful! When we came back, we rushed to the showers and sailed to Sommers Beach for a barbecue with Action Quest. We ate, walked on the beach, and then we came back and danced and had a ton of fun!!

We miss you guys so much!! I hope you’re all having fun where you are ’cause we are:)!

see ya