Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We started the morning with the responsibility of cooking breakfast alone without the staff. We then headed to Guana Island where we spent 30 minutes zooming around on dinghies and looking for a cave that wasn’t even there. After the failed hunt, we started assembling small sailboats, called Picos, and prepared for the long day ahead. For the first 10 minutes or so, controlling the Picos was very difficult. Megan and I fell off our boat at least 10 times before getting the hang of it. A little later I went out with Katja, and with great teamwork, we managed to break the mast base, but couldn’t help but laugh the entire time as we fell into the water with a snap. Then Shaun started taking out small groups of people to do water skiing and wakeboarding¬†while BZ cooked quesadillas for lunch. After a long day of sailing and water activities, we sat down in the cockpit together and enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal cooked by Avery and Sydney. As if that wasn’t enough, our chefs decided to bake brownies for dessert. We are now all looking forward to getting some sleep after this fun-packed day.