Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

This morning I woke up and the staff was moving the boat to a new anchorage. Once we got to Great Harbor, we made a breakfast of eggs and fruit and then got our snorkel gear and rash guards together. A very cool woman named Susan, who does a ton of scientific research and community outreach for the people of Jost, came to our boat and spoke to us about satellite trackers for turtles. After a short briefing, we headed out to search for some turtles. We tried our best, but after a few hours, we headed back to the boats empty-handed. We cleaned up a bit then headed to shore to have lunch and a bit of shore time. Everyone was super happy to get to talk to their families and friends for a bit, but mostly just excited to finally get to see the much anticipated “fat Jane videos.” After a tasty lunch and a little shopping, we all congregated on Ewak and learned all about seagrass and the process of monitoring and recording information about its growth. We all got assigned different jobs, team captains, photographers, scribes, “quadrat” managers, ruler people, and big dummies. I was a team captain, you know, just out here making my mom proud. After a few tries, my group got into a really good flow, and we all started to work together really efficiently and got it done decently fast. Then we headed back to the boats for showers. After we all cleaned up, we cooked dinner and played some really intense games of cards. Now we are cleaning up dinner and are going to end the night by making Turksheads bracelets!!