Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was our sixth day in the British Virgin Islands. We woke up late to a yummy breakfast of eggs and cantaloupe. After breakfast, I helped steer the boat to Little Dix Bay, where we looked for turtles. We did this by swimming around with our snorkeling gear on and power snorkeling, which is snorkeling while holding on to a line being pulled by a dinghy. After seeing a bunch of turtles that swam away before anyone could catch them, Mika caught a huge one! We took it back to the boat to measure and tag it for research. After releasing the turtle back to where we found it, we ate mac and cheese for lunch, which was also really yummy. After lunch, I helped motor again to Mountain Point, where we searched for more turtles but were unsuccessful. We spotted one when we arrived, but it swam away too fast. After seeing the turtle, we power snorkeled to try to find some more, but all we saw were jellyfish and other little fish. We then came back to the boat where we took freshwater showers, and I helped motor again to Leverick Bay. In Leverick Bay, we met up with the rest of Action Quest and GoBeyond for a barbecue.