Location: Posada de Belen and Doka Coffee Plantation

Today we went to a facility for teenage girls who have had children and were abandoned from their families. We split up into two groups. One group went and painted a long stretch of poles. We finished quickly and worked very well together. Painting the poles was not a difficult job, however to the girls in Posada de Belen these efforts help to shape their future by helping to build new facilities. The second group helped to care for the children. Taking care of the babies was an exhausting job as well. It was difficult to keep them comfortable, and it was hard to imagine how girls so young can take care of them every day. After the morning at Posada de Belen, we drove to the Doka Coffee Plantation where we learned how they make coffee from the trees all the way to the cup. With a few samples of coffee along the way, we headed back to Dos Palmas for a great dinner and a movie called ‘Voces Inocentes.’ The movie was about civil wars in Central America and helped us to understand the cycles of poverty in Costa Rica.