Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This lovely morning, Catalinaville awoke, ready for another fantastic day. Today, we had an extremely important service project to do. We volunteered for an organization called the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue, or VISAR. They are a completely volunteer-based search and rescue group who responds to distress calls in the area, especially tourist rental boat calls, or “shouts.” They have one base on Tortola, where we were today, and another on Virgin Gorda. The work we were doing today was to dredge a channel so their rescue boat could get in and out easier. We stood waist deep in water, shoveling sand into buckets. It was hard work, but we all knew it was important to do a good job, so we tried our best. We worked at VISAR for almost the whole day, stopping only for a special treat at lunch we got to order pizza! Everyone was VERY excited about that. Then we returned to the boat and got another surprise-we would be showering at the Sunsail base for the second day in a row! It was nice to relax after the hard day, and we are planning on having a leisurely night. The trip is winding down to an end, and we are all trying to savor every moment!