Location: Road Town, Tortola

Today we woke up and quickly sailed to West End where we waited to fill up with water. During that time we got an hour of shore time where most of us went to a cute coffee shop called “D Best Cup.” Then we motored to Sea Cows Bay where our intense mangrove reforestation began. We had three people measuring, using the GPS, and recording. The rest of the group was removing algae from the pipes in which the mangroves grew in, and replacing dead mangroves with new seedlings picked from big, grown mangroves. We spent time at two different mangrove sites around the bay. The experience was special because the majority of the mangroves were planted by past Lifeworkers. Even with mucky water up to our knees, we all had a great time. Once we were done with the mangroves, we motored to Road Town thinking we were going to anchor and have a delicious Mexican dinnerÂ… But we were wrong. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that we would be showering on land at showers provided by the Sunsail company (where our catamaran is rented from). The feeling of walking into the air-conditioned bathrooms and showering with as much water as we wanted was irreplaceable. Usually, we would shower quickly so we could dive into dinner, but all together we spent about an hour in the showers. As good as the showers were, the Mexican food topped it all off. Mexican night is a favorite and always ends with people passed out from eating too much. We just finished eating, and people are still energetic so maybe tonight is different due to the showers. The reality that we are leaving in 3 days is starting to sink in, and making each of us realize how important every moment we have is. We are having so much fun, and the last thing we want to do is leave!