Location: The Bight, Norman Island

It is difficult to find a place to start. … Here at Lifeworks, they keep us moving. We woke up at six-ish in the morning and the sun was already up! After a quick breakfast, we started our busy day. First, we walked up the marina to get our snorkel gear. Soon after that, we set off on our adventure. It was amazing to work with one of our staff members, Hannah, to steer the boat away from the dock. It was such an experience! After a long sailing trip of about 3 to 4 hours, we arrived at The Bight. A harbor on an almost uninhabited island called Norman Island. Not only was Norman Island the inspiration for the book Treasure Island, but also The Bight was a popular hiding place for pirates such as the infamous Black Beard himself! This amazing island has the coolest caves, and we even got to snorkel in them! The water is so clear here, and the wildlife is amazing. After, we showered in the ocean and freshwater rinse. We all hung out for a while, then the cooks for the day made the best Sloppy Joes ever. We had a little group talk, and now I am here writing this blog. I can’t wait until we finally do service! This group of people is amazing. The islands, though a little humid, are paradise. In fact…, Mom? I may never come home because you know….YOLO