Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda Island

Today was a very ACTIVE day! We woke up at around 6:45 and had amazing eggs made by a shipmate, Nick D. After breakfast we got all of our hiking gear on, made sure we put on a lot of sunscreen and filled up our water bottles to the brim. We got into our two dinghies, Azul and Smoke, and motored over to the loading dock in The Bight. We piled on to the docks and then set off on our short but very steep hike. From the start of the hike, we all knew that this would be a very sweaty hike hence the title of this blog entry. After probably the hardest and steepest hike I have ever done in my life, we got to the road which marks the half of the hike. We did a name game for the two new shipmates from Thailand.

After that game, we embarked on the other half of our hike. After the 12 minutes really steep hike we finally got to the top of Spyglass mountain. We spent about half an hour looking at the spectacular views on the top of the mountain and did a Lifeworks activity. Then we hiked down the mountain. We got to the dock and went back to the boat. After that long hike, we jumped in the water for a bit and then got ready to for a very long sail to Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda Island. We motored for about 2 hours and then started to sail. We had a leisurely sail for about 2 hours. We finally got to Savannah Bay and as soon as we anchored, we all jumped right into the water. We then decided to go to the beach and play Frisbee and football in the water. After an hour on the beach, we got back to the boat and started making dinner of cheesy Alfredo pasta. After dinner, we did an organization activity. Then we all went to bed. We’re having so much fun volunteering in BVI!

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I miss you guys!!!! Love you! Bye.